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Lots of information that others take for granted is not available to people with sight problems.  Even Braille readers may not be able to access local news and events.  

Talking Newspapers will let you know what's happening on your own doorstep.  Yes, you can always access national news by switching on your radio or television - but you can't always find enough local news.

We know that local news is important to you and that, without it, you can feel a bit out of touch.

Many listeners tell us that Talking Newspapers are the highlight of their week.  If you can't find your nearest TN, call us on 01793 497 555 and we'll help you.

Listen here This is Talking Newspapers - to a short recorded introduction to Talking Newspapers and Becoming a Volunteer.



There are various way to listen to Talking Newspaper publications: CD, Cassette, USB, MP3s and Internet Radio - Sonata.

Each local Talking Newspaper records in the methods it has available.  Just click on the header bar above How do I listen to find out more


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