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Working with your local Blind Association

Celia Henshall, Chief Executive of Vision North Somerset, spoke recently at the TN regional conference in Weston Super Mare.  Her presentation on the role of a local society, the role of TNs and the importance of working together was extremely well received.  She has now produced a questionnaire that acts as a checklist for local TNs and she's happy to share it:

The Solve it Yourself Quiz

  1. Do you know the name of your local society or whoever provides services for visually impaired people for example the Local Authority SSD?
  2. Do you know the name of the person in charge of VI services?
  3. Have you been in touch with them?
  4. Is reference made to your TN in their promotional literature?
  5. Does the local society carry your promotional literature in their Resource Centre?
  6. Do the staff of the local society know enough about your TN to promote your service to the visually impaired people they are in touch with? (if it is available on tape, MP 3, how the freepost wallets work, frequency, delivery day etc)?
  7. Have you invited the local society staff to visit your recording studio?
  8. have you asked your local society to include an article in their newsletter?
  9. Do you share volunteers ?
  10. Can your local society or service provider pass on a referral to you with personal details such as name address and dob without contravening the data protection act? (a don’t know scores nil).
  11. Name 3 places in which your information brochure is on display: (one point for each)

How did you do???