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TNF Strategy

We have a working strategy covering a five year term until 2015 which includes, among other things, our Mission Statement; the Vision 2020 Strategy; our ideas and aims for the future of talking newspapers; our thoughts on building relations and interacting with other organisations and available services and our intention to encourage the formation of new talking newspaper groups where and when there is a demand.  To view the full document please Click here 

Policies and Procedures

It's always good practice to have policies and procedures in place.  These are often called for if you are thinking of applying to an organisation for funding.  We have a wide range of these in place for our members and these are available for you to download and edit for your own purposes.  We have covered the following subjects and to access them just Login and go to the Members Section Policies and Procedures page.


Complaints & Harassment

Copyright Music

Copyright Words

Disclosure & Barring Certificates (formerly CRB checks)

Data Protection

Electrical equipment, safety checks and Insurance



Health, Safety & Welfare


Running a Local or Regional Conference

Long Service Certificates

Music - request for submissions



Registering Small Charities

There are various ways to register small charities now depending on the requirements of the Charities Commissions covering England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For further details, please click here

Articles for the Blind FREEPOST

It is a requirement of the law that Royal Mail treats articles for the blind as first class post delivered free of charge. There are, of course, rules to ensure that this is not abused. Basic information only can be found at  and searching for Articles for the Blind.  TNF also has a Fact Sheet.

The full rules can be found at 

TNF recommends that care be taken to ensure that address labels used in delivery pouches are clear and that post-codes are properly displayed. By doing this the likelihood of next day delivery will be greatly improved.