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Music Copyright

Copyright is a property right. Property rights to music are normally owned by the composer and the right to re-copy it is not normally permitted. Copyright fees are collected by organisations that represent the interests of the composers and the musicians. To use Copyrighted music on Talking Newspaper productions requires either payment of the appropriate fees, or written permission of the authors and musicians – this is best in the form of a specific certificate granting copyright to the user in perpetuity. 

To support this TNF has provided a selection of musical clips which can be freely used by TNs without further reference to anyone. Click here to Login, then look under 'Music Clips' to listen to, and download, these.

TNF invites music schools, composers and interested individuals to submit short musical items for inclusion on the website. These items should be no longer than 90 seconds, or the composers/musicians should be prepared to allow them to be cut short as Royal Mail Regulations do not permit extensive use of music on Talking Newspapers.

Anybody wanting to submit a musical item will find our information sheet and the necessary certificate at Music submissions