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The Malvern Talking Newspaper consists of seven teams of volunteers who take it in turns to meet every Friday to record the Malvern Gazette and Ledbury Reporter.  These two newspapers are virtually the same apart from the front pages and local news.  The recording is copied to USB memory sticks which are then posted to clients free of charge. Clients listen to the recording on the boom box which they have been given, and then post the memory stick back in the same pouch with the address label reversed.  No postage is required.

Every four weeks the volunteers also produce a magazine.  This is a collection of articles chosen by the volunteers themselves, so there is no set pattern or format.  The volunteers choose a variety of items which they think the listeners will enjoy, and the feedback we receive indicates that the clients do appreciate this bonus recording.

This is a free service for blind and visually impaired people.  Clients are referred by social services or by the charity Sight Concern and people can also self-refer.


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