Local TN Recordings

Remember when TN delivery was as easy as buying a cup of coffee?

In the past you could go into a café and order a coffee or tea. Nowadays it is Latte, Americano, Mochaccino etc, etc. and that is only for a coffee. When it comes to tea where do you start? It seems to be the same when it comes to delivery of a local TN recording. Many years ago a TN recording delivery to the listener was just a cassette in a wallet via the Royal Mail. How things have changed!

We can now deliver the recording via a CD, USB stick, podcast, from your own website, or BWBF and in a few cases by cassettes! BWBF has extended their service together with TNF in providing an App on a mobile phone or tablet. There are three main advantages: -

To the listener – the speed of receiving the latest recording and not having to send it back. The main advantages are the convenience of listening on the move together with a choice of over 200 local TNs.

To local volunteers – they can also listen to their local TN but also over 200 other recordings by other local TNs. This is an easy way of finding other ideas for inclusion in your recordings. It also gives an opportunity to hear the quality and quantity that other TNs produce.

To physically disabled people –For over 30 years most local TNs have not complied with their own Constitution to provide recordings to physically disabled people. In the past it has been difficult to send to and from the listeners without using the Royal Mail ‘Article for the Blind’ which does NOT allow recordings to be sent.

Using your mobile phone or tablet go into a search engine like Google, or Bing and type or say ‘Talking Newspapers app BWBF’. It is one of the simplest Apps to download. Incidentally like local TNs the App is free!

Remember to let your local physically disabled groups know that there is a new service available.

It’s a win, win!!