No studio?

Particularly this year a small number of local TNs have lost their studio due to an increase in rent or the building being needed for other uses. For some of you who remember ‘the good old days’ when your TN was starting up in order to get started the recording were made in someone’s house and the distribution somewhere else. Some TNs never managed to have a studio and still operate from volunteers’ houses.

Where you need to revert or continue to operate without an organisational base then maybe the following will be of help.

TNF has put together equipment that can be of help if your TN ‘mobile’. We have broken it down into three segments as most local TNs have different people to make the outside recordings, recordings and distribution.

For those TNs who like to go out into the local Community and record events and people on a more personal basis than just using ‘the newspaper’. You can usually get into places that public are not able such as a tour of museums with the manager, behind the scenes at the local theatre, local celebrities etc. The system includes a lightweight over the really small shoulder weatherproof rucksack, a Tascam DR-05 portable stereo hand held recorder, a Rycote windjammer to prevent wind noise ruining your recording and a notepad for your script and notes.

Total cost - £150

Studio in a Suitcase -

The studio in a suitcase includes the equipment to create a basic studio all contained in a portable wheeled suitcase.

The system comprises a wheeled suitcase, 4 channel mixing desk, 3 microphones, 3 desktop microphone stands, a laptop computer, mouse, mobile Wi-Fi (Mi- FI) and a small USB hub for copying your recordings on to and all cables required to make the system work. Cables are all colour coded to make set up as simple as possible. On-site training is also available from TNF.

Total cost - £750

Distribution in a Duffle Bag -

Once you have your recording, this system includes all of the components necessary to distribute your recordings to your listeners all contained in a wheeled duffle bag for convenient storage.

The system includes a Laptop, portable colour printer, separate label printer, scanner, USB hub and a software suite with training. Please note the system requires Microsoft office and this is not included in the system.

Total cost - £750

In summary

The different examples can be straight copied or you can introduce variations to suit yourselves.

Any help, advice or demonstration that TNF can offer please contact Steve on

If new equipment is needed or considered, then remember that TNF offers grants. They are considered twice a year. Applications should with TNF by 31st March or 30th September. Please think ahead and do not leave it until the last minute.