Birmingham Talking Newspaper has been running since 1976.  We provide 6 audio publications - 3 weekly:

1) weekly selection of local news;

2) weekly magazine of information for the visually impaired;

3) weekly history talk by the U3A.

3 monthly productions:

1) monthly selection of local news,

2) monthly magazine for entertainment, and

3) monthly magazine that is non-fiction, whether entertaining or not. Our news is taken from the (daily) Birmingham Mail, the (weekly) Birmingham Post, weekly Sutton Coldfield Observer, and numerous local south Birmingham papers.

Our terrestrial output is on memory sticks to our listeners throughout Birmingham and elsewhere. There may be listeners who take our output via our website, Our weekly and monthly news is very local.

We have two recording centres, one North, one South of the city and each centre sends out weekly news relevant to that half of the city. The monthly news covers local areas throughout the city. 


This TN has 3 publications listed.

  • Birmingham Mail

    Publication frequency: Daily

  • Birmingham Post

    Publication frequency: Weekly

  • Sutton Coldfield Observer

    Publication frequency: Weekly

Contact Details

Contact name: Kath Dawe

Telephone: 0300 330 1404

Email: [email protected]