The Brighton and Hove TN  service provides weekly recordings of selected articles from the ARGUS newspaper, a daily publication that covers news mainly from the Sussex area.  In addition the service also produces a magazine about every 6 weeks compiled by our team and covering stories of general and historic interest.

The TN is recorded on a weekly basis and the latest recording can be found on the home page of our website. Recordings are also distributed to our listeners in audio format on a USB stick, or on the Internet.  Past recordings can be found on our website  and currently we are providing the last four news recordings which can be played by clicking on the appropriate buttonst.

The Talking Magazine is recorded about every five to six weeks and past editions are also available on the website.  The magazine is drawn from various sources with a compilation of articles of general and historic interest. Also frequently includes interviews with local and well known personalities.


The Brighton Talking Newspaper has 2 publications listed.

  • Argus Newspaper 

Publication frequency: Weekly (recorded on a Thursday)

  •  Talking Magazine

Publication frequency: Every 5 - 6 weeks.

Contact details 

Contact:   Mr. Wally Gray

Telephone:   01273 888173

Studio phone number:  01273 677755  ( rarely manned so leave message)

Email: [email protected]