Dunfermline Sound produces free weekly news in mp3 format on CD, with a running time of 90 minutes and is delivered each Friday.  A monthly magazine of approximately 90 minutes is also added to the CD on the first week of each month.

This service, available to the visually impaired, is greatly appreciated as it allows listeners to keep in touch with local news and events. In addition to straightforward news, with descriptions of photographs provided, obituaries, court reports, editorials, interviews and talks of special interest to blind people are included. The weekly CD can be listened to all the way through in one session or "dipped" into by prudent use of the "forward" and "back" keys.   


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  • Dunfermline Press

    Publication frequency: Weekly

Recording formats: CD

Contact details 

Contact name:   Mr David Black

Telephone:   01383 740820

Website:   dunfermlinesound.org.uk