The East Surrey Talking Newspaper was founded in 1977 to serve the residents of Reigate & Banstead in Surrey. Our Newspaper was created by Michael Finch, who was then a local Radio and Television shop proprietor. His inspiration came from a talk to the Rotary Club of Reigate during the year in which he was their President. 

Every two weeks our editor selects items from local newspapers, principally the Surrey Mirror. In our studio four readers read out the selected items, and our recordist produces a master digital file on a computer.

Our team of volunteers copy the master recording onto memory sticks so that there are enough for each of our recipients. The memory sticks are enclosed in bright yellow wallets, and these are then taken to the local Post Office for dispatch. They deliver the wallets at no cost to our Charity or our recipients.


This TN has 3 publications listed.

  • Free Local Newspapers

    Publication frequency: Bi-Weekly

  • Surrey Mirror

    Publication frequency: Bi-weekly

  • Various Magazines

    Publication frequency: Bi-weekly

Recording formats: USB memory stick

Contact details 

Contact name:   Ann Wilson

Telephone:   01737 270757

Website:  East Surrey TN