We are a locally based team of volunteers providing digital recordings for those with sight difficulties or unable to read.  Our aim is to help visually impaired people to stay in touch with what is happening in their local community and enable them to be aware of local issues.  We distribute recordings by post, on a small memory stick, to those living in Evesham and the surrounding area.  We also provide and demonstrate the use of a small portable player for listening to the recordings.  Listening equipment and postage is free.


This TN has 2 publications listed.

  • The Evesham Journal

    Description: Local News from the Evesham area

    Publication frequency: Fortnightly

  • The Evesham Observer

    Description: Local news from the Evesham area

    Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Contact details

Contact name for recordings:  Peter

Telephone:  01386 41165

Contact name for volunteers:  Sylvia

Telephone:  01386 41165

Website:  http://www.eveshamtalkingnewspaper.co.uk/