Fareport Talking News is dedicated to bringing current news items, magazine articles, local sports reports and local forthcoming events etc. to our blind and partially sighted listeners each week in the Fareham and Gosport areas (which include Wickham, Portchester,  Locksheath and Warsash), and is delivered on a USB stick.  

Also periodical recordings are produced for Fareham ("Fareham Today"),  and Gosport ("Coastline")  town councils.

We also hold regular Awareness Days and local collections.


This TN has 1 publications listed.

  • The Portsmouth News

Publication frequency: Weekly

  • The Southern Echo

Publication frequency: Weekly

  • The Gosport Globe

Publication frequency: Weekly

Recording formats: USB memory stick, Internet/Website

Contact details

Contact:   S Lyczywek

Telephone:   01329 237284

Website:   talkingnews-fareport.org.uk