If your Talking Newspaper is a member of the Talking News Federation or you are a local Talking Newspaper volunteer you can access the members only area by following these simple steps.

1.  In the home page header and select log in.

2.  This brings up a box with email and password required.  At the bottom of the box is "Don't have an account? Register here" Select this option and you will be asked for an email address and create your own password.

3.  An automatic email will be sent to your email address.  This will contain a link for you to verify your email address.

4.  Once you have verified your email please then once again Log In to the TNF website and in the footer select "My details" to update your profile and select your privacy options.  PLEASE NOTE THE INFORMATION IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.  WE WOULD ASK YOU TO ENTER YOUR ORGANISATION AND JOB TITLE (EDITOR, READER, ETC) IN ORDER THAT WE KNOW WHICH TALKING NEWSPAPER YOU SUPPORT AND YOUR ROLE.   PLEASE ALSO COMPLETE THE PRIVACY/CONTACT SECTION AT THE END. 

5.  Once completed send an email to [email protected]  who can then give you the necessary permission to access the members area.

The Talking News Federation WILL NOT sell, share or release any of your personal details with any third party.  You can view our privacy policy here  Privacy Policy  and our data protection policy here.  Data_Protection_Policy_April_2016.pdf