North Cornwall and District Talking Newspaper is free of charge, can restore their independence by keeping them informed on local news and events. Currently, the news is taken mainly from the Cornish Guardian, Western Morning News and North Cornwall Advertiser is read and recorded on to a USB memory stick every week and sent by post to listeners free of charge, not only in North Cornwall but anywhere within the UK.

The USB memory stick can be played back on a computer, a digital player or MP3 device with a USB socket which ever is easier and convenient to the listener.  The Sovereign or Sonic speaker as commonly known, can also be supplied free of charge.

There is no other cost to the listener.  Postage (and return) is free, the memory sticks are also free but must be returned in good time.  When, for whatever reason, the speaker is no longer required, we would request that NCTN is advised and returned in the original box/wrapping to the address on the wallet containing the memory stick.  Marked 'Articles for the Blind Post Free'.


This TN has 3 publications listed.

  • Cornish Guardian, N & Mid Cornwall Advertiser, Western Morning News

Publication frequency: Weekly

  • North Cornwall Advertiser

Publication frequency: Monthly

  • Western Morning News

Publication frequency: Monthly

Contact Details

Contact name: Sarah Horne (Secretary)

Telephone: 01208 74400