Oswestry TN records items from the local weekly newspaper "The Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer" following the day of publication and post the USB memory sticks to our listeners on the same day.  We supply the USB audio players.

Each issue also contains short pieces from the "Shropshire" magazine, a list of the local deaths and information on road-works and street hazards. Items are sometimes included from The Chronicle (Tanat, Cain and Vyrnwy Valleys) and the Oswestry and Borders Chronicle.  

We are currently including information supplied by Infosound which is relevant to blind and partially sighted people . We also include a TED talk and the latest version of the BBC 'In Touch' program.  Generally we try to keep our listeners informed about changes that will affect them.


This TN has 4 publications listed.

  • Oswestry & Border District County Advertiser

Publication frequency: Weekly

  • Oswestry and Borders Chronicle

Publication frequency: Weekly

  • Shropshire Magazine

Publication frequency: Monthly

  • The Chronicle (Tanat, Cain and Vyrnwy Valleys)

Publication frequency: Monthly

Contact Details

Contact name: Helen Sharman

Telephone: 01691 671766

Website: http://www.oswestrytn.org.uk/