The Southampton TN covers Southampton, Totton, the Waterside and Romsey.  A memory sticks is distributed every fortnight and provides a compilation of two weeks local news items published mainly in the Southampton Daily Echo and Romsey Advertiser. There is also a Magazine supplement which contains articles and stories from a variety of publications and includes a general knowledge quiz, local history articles, a recipe, gardening tips and information of particular interest to sight impaired people.

A separate memory stick consisting of local Eastleigh news, and the same magazine supplement as above, is provided for listeners in the Borough of Eastleigh, also every two weeks.


This TN has 7 publications listed.

  • Borough News

Publication frequency: Quarterly

  • Connections

Publication frequency: Monthly

  • Eastleigh Talking News

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

  • SATE Magazine

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

  • Second Sight

Publication frequency: Quarterly

  • Southampton Sight Newsletter

Publication frequency: Quarterly

  • Southampton Talking Echo

Publication frequency: Fortnightly

Contact Details

Contact name: The Chairman

Telephone: 023 8033 3343