Swindon Talking News records local news from the Swindon Advertiser and Swindon Link Magazine once a week.  The recordings are distributed on USB memory stick to local blind and partially sighted people and those who may have moved away but still wish to keep up with Swindon's news and events.  We supply all our listeners with a memory stick playback machine - free of charge.


This TN has 4 publications listed.

  • Swindon Advertiser

    Description: A daily newspaper published for the Swindon Area.

    Publication frequency: Daily

  • Swindon Link Magazine

    Publication frequency: Monthly

  • Swindon Star

    Description: A free weekly newspaper packed with local news and advertising.

    Publication frequency: Weekly

    • The Link Magazine - Swindon

      Description: A local magazine with 50 percent news about Swindon and 50 percent specific to each section of the town

      Publication frequency: Quarterly

    Contact Details

    Contact name:  Veronica Laker

    Telephone:       01793 522511

    Email:               [email protected]

    Website            www.swindontalkingnews.org.uk