Talking News Islington or TNI (because we felt ITN might cause confusion with a slightly better known Television News organisation) is a relatively small talking newspaper with currently just over 100 listeners.

We record monthly, with news from the previous two weeks or so where it is still relevant, plus items from sources such as listeners' letters and pensioners' forums. We record items on community safety and services, many of which are now sent to us direct for inclusion. We also try to include amusing items and sometimes music to cheer the spirits. The Christmas party for our listeners seems to have been generally appreciated too.

Islington Council kindly provides rooms to record, copy and prepare for posting once a month at the "Islington Outlook" centre, plus storage space where our equipment can be locked away between sessions. The centre was set up to support physically disabled people as well as people with visual and hearing impairments, to pursue their interests and improve their job prospects and staff are keen to help and maintain our operation

This year we have been very pleased to welcome, as our patron, the well known actor and local resident Kenneth Cranham.


This TN has 3 publications listed.

  • Islington Gazette

    Description: Weekly newspaper givng local news and views

    Publication frequency: Weekly

  • Islington Life

    Description: A residents' magazine prodcued by the local council.

    Publication frequency: Quarterly

  • Islington Tribune

    Description: Weekly free newspaper covering our area

    Publication frequency: Weekly

Contact Details

Contact name:  Elizabeth Jones

Telephone:  020 7272 5481

Website:  None