Tyne Sound News is a registered charity, part of the Talking Newspaper Federation, An audio recording service for the visually impaired. Established for over thirty five years we post about 25,000 recordings annually. 

Teams of unpaid volunteers produce all of the recordings. They are all totally free of charge and delivered by the "Articles For The Blind" postal service provided free by the Royal Mail. Donations from listeners and members of the public ensure the continued survival of the service. Four regular productions provide local news, views, entertainment and information. Each recording is eighty minutes in length.


This TN has 4 publications listed.


Description:  This is a talking newspaper.   It contains news items from the Journal and Chronicle.  There is also a whats on guide, a look at the letters pages and a sports roundup.  This is recorded weekly.


Description: This is a monthly magazine for everyone, with a mixture of local history, travel, famous people, quizzes, nostalgia, stories and cookery.


Description:  This is a bi monthly selection of articles taken from the Northumbrian, a magazine specifically designed for people who are interested in the life and times of the county.


Description:  This is a quarterly recording with up to date advice and information.  Covering issues such as health, book reviews, technology and benefits. 

Contact Details

Contact name:  Doug Walker

Telephone:  0191 261 4121

Website:  http://tynesoundnews.org.uk/